"A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles"

Our systems approach supports home builders as a one-stop-shop by providing everything needed for vertical construction, from single-family homes to clubhouses and everything in between. We provide data to show the best-selling models and options and have the capacity to produce a high volume of lot specific sets while not compromising quality. Our dedicated SWAT (Service & Warranty Advocacy Team) responds quickly to any issues that may arise in the field and executes solutions with a high level of skill and precision to get things back on track.

Research and development roots run deep in this company. When code changes arise, Fieldstone A&E engineers can tackle them as well as provide cost saving options while maintaining quality. Fieldstone A&E will leverage its experience with the production building industry to be your professional advisor and will pro-actively provide advice and business intelligence to advance and support the builder’s operations.

Much of Fieldstone A&E’s growth comes from referrals of past clients which shows they recognize the value of a partnership with our firm.



we create thoughtful designs with rewarding experiences, together.

This is reflected in our core values, shown below.

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